Take Care to Give Care

November 2020

Taking care of others can be a rewarding but stressful job. The stress of having caregiving responsibilities can lead to an increased risk in health issues among the country’s 90 million family caregivers. Most family caregivers have stated that they feel stressed while providing care for a loved one. One in five caregivers has stated that they have sacrificed their own physical health while caring for a loved one. That is why the motto for National Family Caregiver.

The first rule of taking care of others is to take care of yourself first. Due to stress, family caregivers have an overwhelming number of health and emotional problems. They are twice as likely to suffer depression and are at an increased risk for many other chronic conditions. Here is what you can do for yourself, to better care for others.

  1. Proper nutrition.
  2. Accept offers of help from others.
  3. Learn how to effectively communicate with doctors.
  4. Give yourself credit for doing the best that you can.
  5. Rest, recharge, respite.
  6. Be open to new technology that can make caregiving easier.
  7. Organize medical information so that it is easier to find.
  8. Make sure legal documents are in order.

During National Family Caregivers Month, we remind family caregivers that to be strong enough to care for your loved one, you must take care to give care!

Have a happy month of November!

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