How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

December 2023

Whenever the family gets together for the holidays, our first thoughts are about how many of grandma’s cookies we can finish before the turkey is done instead of what number may show when we step onto the scale. It’s easy for our taste buds to guide our decisions when all of our favorites are on the menu at once.

What if you could enjoy your holiday helpings without sabotaging your health? Follow these steps to be on the path to a healthy holiday season.

  • Be Mindful – Since you only get this meal once or twice a year, sit back and enjoy everything that the menu has to offer. It can take a few minutes for your stomach to give you the “full” signal, so rushing through the glorious spread can cause you to overeat. It’s also a good idea to take a 10-minute break after your first helping for this reason. When it’s time for dessert, do your best to stick to the one or two dishes you love instead of sampling every option, which we know can be very difficult.
  • Stay Hydrated – Water makes up 60 percent of our total weight, and we need to maintain that ratio to perform our usual bodily functions. Make sure to incorporate water as often as you can throughout the day, and limit your high-calorie drinks like eggnog, martinis and margaritas. Alternating alcoholic beverages with glasses of water will also help you when opening presents on Christmas morning.
  • Update Workout to Holiday Time – It can be difficult to squeeze in your routine workouts with everything going on during the holiday season. One way to stay motivated is to shape your workouts around your holiday schedule. If you usually do a 30-minute workout, it may be easier to split that up into two, 15-minute regiments. If you don’t have time to drive to the gym, look up videos or apps on your phone for workouts from home.
  • Make Time for Yourself – The holiday season is the time for giving to others, but don’t let that come in the way of your mental and emotional health. All of the cooking, shopping and cleaning in preparation for guests can cause your needs to go on the back burner. Go for a walk, read your favorite book or do one activity that is solely to make you happy. Also, getting adequate sleep is very important during this time of year.

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