Holiday Feasting One Helping or Two?

December 2020

One interesting statistic reported about holiday feasting is the amount of calories a person typically consumed on Christmas Day last year. Are you ready for this?

It was a whopping 7,000 calories! Think about that: if one Big Mac has 540 calories, that would be equivalent to eating right around 13 Big Macs in one day.

And in case you’re wondering, burning 7,000 calories is no easy task. According to, for someone who weighs 160 pounds, one of the following would be required to shed those pesky calories: 13 hours of basketball, 16 hours of aerobics, 19 hours of gardening, 20 hours of vacuuming, 24 hours of golf, 27 hours of walking at 3 mph or 48 hours of computer work.

Rethinking that second helping yet? Of course, the holidays are a special time of celebration and food is a big part of it, especially in the South because, let’s face it, we are known for superb cooking! Remember, health conscious holiday eating is not about depriving yourself; it’s really about making better choices concerning portion control and number of servings.

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