Welcome home!

Welcome to the nursing and rehab center where we are committed to quality senior living and care.

Leakesville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a 60 bed, privately owned and locally operated nursing home facility, and has a Five Star Rating as given by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Leakesville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is specially geared to loved ones needing both short-term in-house stays for recovery and those needing long-term care as well. Our nursing home patients, residents, and families have come to love our unique personality and award-winning standards. We’re sure you will, too!

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At Leaksville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we operate under the simple principle that life can go on.

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Our Assisted Living Program and specialized nursing and therapy services give residents with various medical needs more choices concerning their care options.

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Take a look inside at some of the fun activities we have at Leakesville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

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Stay up to date with all the latest happenings around Leakesville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center with our Calendar.

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“I genuinely care about the residents and patients.  I care what happens to them.  That’s why I chose this field of work.  That’s also why I chose to work at Leakesville Rehab and Nursing.  We are family here.  After my dad had his stroke, our family chose this facility for him.  We chose Leakesville because I knew from observing first-hand that the care he would receive would be amazing.....and it was!”–Tianey Welford / Admissions/Marketing employee/Employee since Inception

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